Voices of Mornington Peninsula (VMP) is a not-for-profit organisation driven by dedicated locals. We believe in the power of residents to effect positive change within our political system whilst at the same time strengthening community connections and having fun! 

VMP's aim is to improve the political representation at all levels of government for the Mornington Peninsula and ensure our elected candidates respond to the wishes of our community, rather than adhering to the political party line. 

The VMP Way guides our activities and interactions as we engage with the community to ensure everyone feels welcome and represented by what we do. By increasing participation in politics from a diverse community, we improve the quality of our democracy.

And better democracy leads to better policy and a better future.




Your voice.

The issues that matter to you, matter to us and are fundamental to establishing what will make our future promising and secure. So, VMP invites residents to tell us what is important to them. The information we receive is collated and the final report will provide an overview of collective values and visions for the future. The elected candidate will be expected to represent these ideals in Parliament.

To let us know what you think, you can either:

Your community. 

We know that communities have the best outcomes when their elected representative is truly connected and engaged with the electorate they serve. VMP carried out a rigorous selection process to determine the best independent candidate for VMP endorsement. Someone who will hold community values at the heart of everything they do.

VMP is a not-for-profit organisation connecting people across the Peninsula - not a political party. We want meaningful representation for all of us, so we need involvement from as many people as possible –
everyone on the Peninsula is invited to join VMP.

Together, we are powerful.

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Every voice really does count.

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