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Voices of Mornington Peninsula endorses Dr Sarah Russell as our community-backed independent candidate for Flinders

14 February 2022

Voices of Mornington Peninsula (VMP) will support Dr Sarah Russell as independent candidate to contest the seat of Flinders in the upcoming federal election. 

75 VMP members attended a meeting in Dromana in the federal seat of Flinders yesterday, Sunday 13 Feb, to discuss and decide the focus of the organisation for the federal election after Claire Boardman stepped down as the endorsed member earlier this year.  

Members considered the options of endorsing a new candidate or not endorsing a candidate at all, and the majority voted to endorse Dr Sarah Russell for the federal seat of Flinders. 

Janelle Magee, co-chair of VMP, said “VMP’s goal has always been to improve the political representation for residents on the Mornington Peninsula, and both these options would allow us to work towards this. But the Board felt this wasn’t our decision to make – we needed to put it to our members so they could guide the direction of the organisation” 

Dr Sarah Russell trained as a Critical Care Nurse before completing a Bachelor of Arts and a PhD at the University of Melbourne. She has been the Principal Researcher at Research Matters since 1999. Her work has focused on public health, mental health, ethics, and aged care. 

Sarah said she looks forward to consulting widely with the community of the Mornington Peninsula and is thrilled to be the Voices of Mornington Peninsula’s candidate. 


More information on Sarah can be found on our Candidate page

Please visit Sarah Russell's website to learn more about the campaign and how to get involved 


Voices of Mornington Peninsula (VMP) is a not-for-profit organisation driven by dedicated locals. VMP believes in the power of residents to effect positive change within our political system. 

Our aim is to represent your voice at all levels of government and to ensure that our elected candidates respond to the wishes of our community, rather than adhering to the political party line. 

VMP is committed to supporting an outstanding independent candidate who will represent with integrity the values of residents in the Flinders electorate. Better democracy leads to better policy and a better future.



Your voice.

The issues that matter to you, matter to us and are fundamental to establishing what will make our future promising and secure. So, VMP invites residents to tell us what is important to them. The information we receive is collated and the final report will provide an overview of collective values and visions for the future. The elected candidate will be expected to represent these ideals in Parliament.

To let us know what you think, you can either:

Your community. 

We know that communities have the best outcomes when their elected representative is truly connected and engaged with the electorate they serve. VMP carried out a rigorous selection process to determine the best independent candidate for VMP endorsement. Someone who will hold community values at the heart of everything they do.

VMP is a not-for-profit organisation connecting people across the Peninsula - not a political party. We want meaningful representation for all of us, so we need involvement from as many people as possible –
everyone on the Peninsula is invited to join VMP.

Together, we are powerful.

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