Candidate selection

People often ask, how will you select a candidate? What elections will you be selecting candidates for?

We are selecting potential candidates for Council, State and Federal elections across the Mornington Peninsula.

Council wards:

- Briars
- Red Hill
- Seawinds 
- Watson
- Cerberus
- Nepean 

State Districts:

- Hastings
- Nepean
- Mornington

Federal Seat:

- Flinders 


The exact process is as follows: 

1) The VMP Directors advertise for candidates 

2) The VMP Directors make a shortlist of potential candidates based on CV and interview

3) VMP members reach out to the broader Mornington Peninsula community (non-members) to ask which of the shortlisted candidates they would vote for in an election 

4) The VMP membership will take into account what the broader community have preferenced, and vote on the final chosen candidate 

5) The VMP Directors do a background check on the selected candidate and endorse the chosen candidate if there are no further issues or concerns 


**If you are eligible to vote in any of these wards/districts/seats then you are eligible to be a 'Regular' (voting) member of VMP. Otherwise you can sign up as an 'Associate' (non-voting) member, and can volunteer with VMP. If you are a 'Regular' member volunteering with VMP for the federal election but you are not voting in the seat of Flinders (for example your federal seat is Dunkley), then you can still have voting rights in VMP with regards to helping to pre-select the federal candidate for Flinders.