VMP How to Vote Guide - Flinders 2022

You asked - we delivered!

We've had many requests from members and supporters for guidance on how to allocate their preferences, so we've put together a How to Vote Scorecard which gives a ranking of our candidates based on their policy positions. You can use this to help you work out which candidates align best with you.

Remember, they're your preferences so you must do you own research to ensure you're giving your valuable vote to candidates who share your values and priorities.


Download the VMP How To Vote Scorecard here

HTV Scorecard thumbnail

This document was produced by Voices of Mornington Peninsula - not Sarah Russell's campaign. If you have feedback regarding our scorecard, please direct it to us via our Contact form. If you'd like to view Sarah's thoughts on preferences please visit her website.


Our Top 12 For the Senate if you're Voting Below the Line

  1. Susan Benedyka - Independent [T]
  2. Max Dicks - Independent [Ind]
  3. Yolanda Vega - Reason Party [A]
  4. Lidia Thorpe - The Greens [U]
  5. Adam Frogely - The Greens [U]
  6. Sissy Austin - The Greens [U]
  7. Zeb Payne - The Greens [U]
  8. Jana Stewart - ALP [K]
  9. Josh McFarlane - ALP [K]
  10. Megan Darling-Bridger - ALP [K]
  11. Casey Nunn - ALP [K]
  12. Linda White - ALP [K]