Kitchen Table Conversations


What is a Kitchen Table Conversation?

A Kitchen Table Conversation (KTC) is the name given to the way we seek to discuss ideas with people of the Mornington Peninsula.  Our mission at VMP is to listen to our community to identify issues of importance, so that these views can be represented effectively at federal, state and council levels of government. 

Joining a KTC is an opportunity to voice your wants, needs and concerns about living on the Mornington Peninsula, and discuss the broader issues impacting Australia. You can also share ideas about how you’d like to be represented, what's needed from our government and how to shape a better future.

A KTC is just a chat with a small group based on eight easy questions. The facilitators simply ask a series of questions and listen. It is not a forum to debate the issues raised by participants, rather it is a space to listen to the views of other locals and a chance to express your own.

Each KTC lasts around an hour. All issues, opinions and information raised in the KTCs are anonymously recorded and will be compiled into a report that will soon be made publicly available. 

We wish to hear from a diverse range of individuals in our community. Every voice is important. We’d love to hear from you!

Join an online KTC via Zoom

Please select a date from the below list and RSVP. One of our friendly volunteers will soon be in contact with you via email with all the information you will need to join the session. 

Download our helpful participant guide for further information and a list of the KTC questions

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