Mornington District

The electoral district of Mornington runs from Mount Martha and Tuerong in the south up to Moorooduc and Mount Eliza.

View the Mornington district profile on the VEC website. David Morris is the outgoing MP for the Liberals. 

Here is the ABCs Mornington Election Guide, including details of previous margins and candidates.

Mornington state electoral district

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Mornington Candidate Forum

Mornington Candidates

Kate Lardner, Independent for Mornington   

Kate Lardner - Independent

Key Campaign Issues:

  • Climate Action
  • Health
  • Integrity

Harry Sinclair - the Greens for Mornington   

Harry Sinclair - The Greens

Key Campaign Issues:

  • Homelessness and Housing crisis
  • Public Transport
  • Protecting the Peninsula's Green Wedge status

Chris Crewther, Liberal for Mornington   

Chris Crewther - Liberal

Key Campaign Issues:

  • Health
  • Cost of Living

Georgia Fowler - Labor

Georgia Fowler - Labor

Leonie Schween - Animal Justice Party

Leonie Schween

Key Campaign Issues:

  • better protect green wedge areas and native bushland, and increasing protection for wildlife
  • better support for wildlife rescuers and carers
  • an end to cruel intensive animal farming practices

Paul Pettitt

Paul Pettit - Freedom Party of Victoria

Key Campaign Issues:

  • Small business - reimburse GST
  • Give parental control back to families so our children's health and wellbeing is not controlled by the government
  • Free public transport for pensioners
  • Increase accountability and transparency of politicians actions and spending, with annual reviews and penalties
  • Tax cuts to investors who reduce their weekly rent to tenants to assist rental affordability.


Local Election Events in Mornington District

  • Friday 11 November 6.30-8.30pa - Mornington Candidate Forum - Mornington Park Pavilion, 9 Flinders Drive, Mornington. Details and registration


Election Media Coverage of Mornington District

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